As a company and as individuals, we at Aventura are committed to sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices. We continually examine all areas of our business to ensure that we have sound policies and to implement systems that reduce our carbon footprint. As participants in the Monterey Bay Aquarium “Seafood Watch Program,” Aventura develops menus that include recommended “safe” seafood, which helps maintain appropriate levels of food sources in our oceans. Looking to the local market, Aventura partners with a farmer tending land less than 15 miles from Phoenix Convention Center & Venues which allows us to offer fresh, seasonal produce with minimal transportation requirements.

When providing disposable serviceware, Aventura supplies biodegradable and recyclable products made from bamboo, sugar cane, corn starch and corn silk, reducing the volume of harmful plastics from our solid waste.

We at Aventura realize that our responsibility extends beyond food and material supplies. We must conduct our personal activities with these goals in mind. We encourage and participate in employee carpooling, industry organization sponsored activities including park clean-up and beautification, electricity and fuel consumption reduction, and peer education. As a team of like-minded professionals, we hope that our efforts assist our community in ensuring a better future. We all share this world, and we all share responsibility for improving it.

Sustainability Monterey Bay Seafood Watch

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