Tara Julia

Tara Julia, Accounting Assistant

Born and raised in the sunny state of Arizona, Tara began her career as a preschool teacher. Through hard work and dedication, she was promoted to Assistant Director, however something did not fit quite right. Realizing her love for her native state’s sports teams, Tara began pursuing a career where she could enjoy the sports world. She landed a part time job with Aramark at the home of the Arizona Coyotes, then known as Jobing.com Arena. After several seasons, she was given the opportunity to transfer to another account as a full time employee. It was then that Tara came to Aventura Catering at the Phoenix Convention Center.

Tara settled in with the Accounting Team and began to handle finances for Aventura as well as other Aramark locations. Her can-do attitude and positive outlook continue to keep her team motivated while we get to enjoy her infectious personality and laughter.

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