Shawn Fonseca

Chef Shawn

Shawn Fonseca, Executive Sous Chef

Growing up in Brooklyn, NY, Shawn Fonseca developed his passion for the culinary arts while working with his grandfather and great uncle at their catering company. The youngest of three boys, often he and his older brothers had cooking contests where Shawn would display culinary excellence that began to lead him down a successful path in the world of food and beverage.

In 1988, Shawn moved to Phoenix, Arizona, graduated from high school and went on to play football for Glendale Community College. A short time later, Shawn decided to pursue his culinary passion full time.  He was accepted into the St. Mary’s Food Bank culinary program where he would meet a great mentor, Chef Vinnie.  After honing his skills, Shawn began his first formal culinary job at Grand Canyon University.  This experience had such an impact on Shawn’s career, he decided to open a restaurant in south Phoenix. After a well-rounded experience in restaurant operations and culinary arts, Shawn went to cook at the ballpark, home of the Arizona Diamondbacks.

After several years and craving more knowledge, Shawn travelled the US on the NASCAR circuit, USTA, NBA Finals, Superbowl and several other notable venues and national events. Shawn is very excited about the next chapter in life, beginning with Aventura, and is overjoyed to be back in the Valley of the Sun!