Jan Taylor

Jan Taylor, Sales Manager

Someone once said you should do one thing and do it well. Thank goodness nobody ever told Jan. Striving to accomplish more than just the ordinary, Jan has forged her own career path and excelled every step of the way. She entered the workforce as a buyer in women’s sportswear, but soon the entrepreneurial spirit turned her in a new direction.

She opened three highly successful national golf franchises, managing everything from advertising and human resources to purchasing and inventory control. Eventually Jan decided to move on, joining a medical consulting firm where she oversaw physician credentialing and even helped design the company website. Trading the gray winters of Ohio for the sunny everything of Arizona, Jan joined Aventura in September 2005. She quickly proved an asset to the team with her attention to detail and ever-dependable follow-through. Clients and colleagues alike have come to appreciate Jan’s expertise, her passion and her creativity. And that’s just the beginning.

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