Meet the Team


Erik Ferris
General Manager

Tina Breckenridge
Assistant General Manager

Masood Shirmohammadi
Executive Chef

Sandy Brown
Director of Sales


Lea Jonas

 Jacey Andersen
Jacey Andersen
Director of Retail Operations
Chef Shawn
Shawn Fonseca
Executive Sous Chef
Penny Allen
Concierge Sales Manager

Wade Hughes
Catering Manager

Tara Julia
Accounting Assistant

Christopher Benge
Chef de Cuisine

Jan Taylor
Sales Manager

Rachel Bender
Catering Manager

Crystal Griffin
Payroll Clerk

Sindy Neuburger
Asset Management

Nova Hardy
Pastry Chef

Stephanie Raper
Sales Manager
James Prestijohn
Operations Support Manager

Amber Garcia
Operations Administrator
Victor Ortiz 90x130
Victor Ortiz
Associate Maintenance Manager

Jan Rinkes
Warehouse Manager
 Megan Patrick 90x130
Megan Patrick
Catering Sales Coordinator